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For a long time, Azimut had been known for their safe and sensible yachts until they released the 62S model in 2006. As a statement of enthusiasm, the yacht was built by the reliable designers of the older models but with a greater appeal for speed enthusiast.

The yacht has a clever design. Rather than scrambling all the inches into cabins, she has been built to give extra space for the occupants. It is a two cabin boat, leaving space to be used as a second saloon, a home cinema, a comfortable lounging area, hobby or study room.

This lower area, down the companionway from the cockpit is open for use as one desires. There is a lounging area on the port side along with a large screen easily used to lull the day with a movie or a DVD. If you are up for some navigation, just plug it in and study the data from radar and other instruments present at the helm.

The yacht has a very comfortable setting. However, the boat has been designed for a true boat driver. The hull has far more deep-V credibility than its counterparts. What she lacks in power-to-weight ratio, she makes up for with rudders and props that give her the feel of a high-quality boat. Moreover, the single helm seat for the driver adds to the overall sporty feel. The main deck has been laid out to cut wasteful space and efforts. The giant sunroof in the living room transforms the area according to your wishes.

The 62S promises both comfort and adventure. A spacious design with a smooth run at high speeds has added to the overall appeal of this comfortable boat that offers a bit of heaven for everyone

What it Offers on Tour

During the day enjoy your time at the Saloon, Home Cinema, and/or in Secluded Study for navigation planning, and later on in evening you can go relax in comfortable Lounging Area, where you can sprawl on a sofa and enjoy a pre-dinner drink.

Furthermore, on the port side, facing the galley, which can be closed off behind a sliding door, sit a sofa and an armchair, with a coffee table.

There is also a large screen, onto which the boat’s Entertainment System can project the TV or any Media you might have onboard. (That’s your home cinema.)

One intriguing fact about the boat is that it’s entertainment system is driven by a Powerful Integrated PC, you can also sit down here with your optional Raymarine remote keyboard and call up the plotter and radar displays as well as any of the other data displayed on the instruments at the helm.

Above all it’s comfortable. You want to sit there, and it’s right at the center of things: A few steps from the helm, it is the interface between the 62′ Upper and Lower Decks. Just forward lies the en suite VIP cabin, with a clever pair of hinged V-berths that slide together and substantial side windows, which combine with the overhead hatch to flood the space with light.

The whole main-deck layout works well. It’s close to the galley without having the galley take up valuable living space, and with the Giant Sunroof you can bring as much sky into the picture as you need.

But the heart of this boat is below, in that anteroom between the outside the world and the Cozy Accommodations below decks.

It’s what makes the difference between this yacht and all the others.

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