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Package Details

Travel Details And Means

Desert Safari starts with the first step of getting to the camp meeting point from where our team will take care of the rest. You can choose from the following.

We are available 24/7 to guide you in case there is any requirement of assistance through Call, Message, Email or WhatsApp.

Self Drive

This option allows you to travel by your own means of transport to the Meeting Point.

Bus Pick and Drop

Furthermore we have a daily Shuttle traveling from 5 major locations across Dubai and Sharjah that offer pick and drop from the following Centralized pick up locations

*Please make note that the Shuttle departure timings from following locations starts from 4:00 pm till 5:00 pm during Summers and from 3:00 pm till 4:00 pm during the Winters*

Burjuman Mall near Spinneys
Deira City Center
Lulu Hyper Mart near Mall Of The Emirates
Dragon Mart - International City
Sahara Mall - Sharjah

Car Pick and Drop

Our dedicated staff will make sure that your journey to and back from the camp is no less than the amazing experience of the Desert Safari.

*It is required that we are informed of the pick up location at the time of booking or at least 24 hours prior to your Desert Safari trip*

*Refer to our Terms and Conditions for information about rules*

Things To Do

The following activities are included in the package and you can enjoy them to your Heart's Content. We recommend you try all of them to maximize the awesomeness of your Desert Safari Tour

Dune Drive

First of all embark on 4x4 Dune Drive towards camp to start an exciting tour. This is the most amazing part of the Desert Safari experience.

Camel Ride

Take a trip by Camel Safari Ride in desert in addition to all the amazing things to do.

Sand Boarding

Most of all, kick- off the evening as you slide down beautiful sand dunes while Surfing down the Sandy Tides with our exclusive Sand Boarding Desert Safari experience.

Henna Painting

You can also enjoy Henna Tattoo application along with lots of other evening desert safari activities.

Desert Feast

Inspired by the traditional desert meals and modern cuisine our gourmet menu is top of the line. Eat to your fill with our Arabic Feast buffet dinner served under the star filled sky and over the cool desert sand in the night.

Food & Drinks

A never ending fill of traditional beverages including ‘Arabic Tea’, Soft Drinks, Coffee etc (Complimentary).

Feast on a sizzling Arabic Feast, vegetarian & non- vegetarian meals to complete your Arabian Adventure in the desert.

Smoke away the cultural Shesha in dedicated Oasis Shesha Bar and live the traditional Arabic evening to its best (Complimentary).

Live Performances

Desert Safari is a mix of physical activities and visual entertainment. To top off our day of pure desert safari bliss we offer our customers the following. Trust us when we say that the performers will deliver an experience you will definitely enjoy.

Tanoura Dance

Be mesmerized by live performances of a Tanoura Dance and an amazing Light Show.

Fire Show

This is the 2nd most important highlight of your Desert Safari experience and it is our personal favourite The Fire Show. These talented entertainers are an exotic site to behold. Under the star lit sky and dim light their juggling of bright blazing flames is all one can see.

Belly Dance

Watch and be entertained by our live Belly Dance performance. Referred to as Arabic dance is an expressive dance which emphasizes complex movements of the torso. Originally a Middle Eastern folk dance, it has evolved to take many different forms depending on the country and region, both in costume and dance style.



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Best Desert Safari Experience

Planning a vacation in Dubai? Don’t miss the amazing opportunity to experience the Heritage Desert Safari at its best.

Affordable Rates

Luxurious Desert Safari experience at the most affordable rates! You will find a package to fit your tourism requirement and your pocket!

The Majestic Sunset

Have a rejuvenating vacation in Dubai by witnessing the beautiful sunset over the horizon in the desert

Cultural Camel Ride

Conquer the desert over a camel like it was done in old times!

Thrilling Dune Bashing

Feel the adrenaline rush while bashing the dunes!

Live Show

Enjoy the feast while being mesmerized by live performance of Tanoura Dance, Fire Show, Belly Bance and much more!

Flavorsome Food

Feast on a sizzling buffet meal of Arabian flavors to complete your Arabian adventure in the desert, available in mouthwatering veg or non-veg varieties as per your preference!

Henna Tattoo Application

Ladies and girls get a chance to add to the beauty of their hands with the traditional henna designs!

Sand Boarding

Experience ‘surfing’ the sandy ‘tides’ with our exclusive Sand Boarding activity!

Photography Sessions

Get the opportunity to be photographed with the remarkable sunset and your pictures in Arabic dressing!

Quad Bike Ride

A heart racing experience of Quad Bike riding in the sands awaits you

Unlimited Drinks

Quench your thirst right in the middle of the desert with a never ending fill of drinks of your choice including the traditional ‘Qahwa’, Refreshing Juices, Soft Drinks, Tea, Coffee etc

The Oasis ‘Shesha’ bar

Smoke away the cultural shisha and live the traditional Arabic evening to its best

Photo Booth

Get a chance to be clad in local Arabic dresses and accessories and pose away for your memorable album of Desert Safari tour!

Souvenirs Shop

Yes! You can buy traditional and cultural masterpieces of the Arabian Land as souvenirs for you to remember your trip to Desert Safari with us forever.


Jannat Tourism quite often sell out weeks in advance. As we operate in-house vehicles, operated by our own highly trained staff. Therefore, we have very limited capacity and . Once you have confirmed your travel plans, it is strongly suggested that you book your desert safari before you arrive to avoid disappointment.

There are no obligations to include a gratuity and if you do, the amount depends completely on your generosity.

Jannat Tourism has constructed the their camp sitting on top of a dune. As Bedouins would build their camps on the top of sand dunes for many reasons; to catch any cool winds, to avoid low areas susceptible to flash floods, to keep watch on approaching tribes, and to avoid snakes and scorpions which prefer low lying brush.

If you speak Arabic, Russian, German, Italian, French, Spanish or Portuguese, our talented team will be able to help you for no additional cost. Please just let us know at the time of booking so we can try to accommodate your request.

When we publish an operating day on our website, we will operate this desert safari even if there is just 2 guests booked.

Dune Bashing is an adventure sport and suitable only for those with a taste for a very rough ride and who can accept the possibility, like with any motorsport that accidents do happen.

We never want our guests to be sitting for long periods in the lobby of their hotel. Instead we prefer to give a precise pick-up. However, there are numerous factors which make it impossible to provide a precise pick-up time at the time of booking. At the time of booking, you will have a 1 hour range to help you plan your day. We will then take the following steps on the day of your safari…

1) Phone you at your Hotel room and advise you of the pick-up time. If you are not in the room…
We leave a message with the Concierge

2) Send you a confirmation email. If you are not in the room and we were not provided with an email address…

3) We will phone or leave a text message on the international number you provided.
If you have not received a message prior to 6hrs before  the day of your tour, please phone +971 800 2868

We are happy to pick you up from a private residence if you book a private car. or booked a pecific package which offers pick-up from residential area.

Also, we have a central pick-up locations easily reachable if you are staying in Dubai and or Sharjah

The weather in the Dubai desert is very different than in the city. During the day, loose fitting clothing and shoes that can be easily removed (flip flops/sandals/thongs) are best. However, at night, please use the following as a guide

May-October – Loose clothing, shorts, t-shirts etc

November – April – Dress in layers.

It can become quite cold in the desert as soon as the sun sets. Especially between December-February, the temperature can get down below 10 degrees Celsius. Jeans, closed shoes, shirts, cardigans or even a jacket is required on cooler nights in the desert.

This is a very personal decision to make and depends on the progress of your pregnancy. However, if you are experiencing a healthy pregnancy, you would not be bothered by our wildlife safari as it is only slightly bumpier than driving on a dirt road.

However, we do not suggest the safari for any guest during their last trimester. If you want to play in safe, you can ask to be dropped directly to the sunset stop and wait for the other guests or better yet, arrange a late transfer and arrive at the sunset stop at the same time as everyone else.

Since Dubai is a Muslim state and alcohol is not permitted under the rules of Islam. While the Rulers of the country have shown great flexibility in allowing alcohol service in Hotels, we wanted to showcase the authentic traditions, warmth and hospitality of the Arabian culture. We know that educated guests will appreciate one night where they get to respect and enjoy the local culture

Our camp does not usually enjoy rainfall as high. It is due to this lack of rain that there are a great deal less trees and plants in the desert than in either city. So, if you see a weather report for rain and storms in Dubai, quite often the sun is shining with vivid blue skies at our camp.

Please check with us before changing your plans. If the tour is not able to operate due to inclement weather, compensation will be automatically offered.


For safety reasons, the rides at some of the parks have a minimum height requirement. Ticket price is therefore based on this height requirement. Many other rides are suitable for younger children in most of the parks.

Yes, a wheelchair guest can go to the campsite to enjoy the barbecue dinner and belly dancing show. A private car must be booked and the guest must be accompanied by another adult who can assist him/her.

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